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The problems that I was having were with my neck, shoulders, hips, severe headaches and mid-back region. With regard to my neck, I was unable to perform the simplest of tasks, such as turning my head from side to side. I was unable to lift my arms without shooting pains in my shoulders and my middle upper back would burn and hurt almost constantly. Sleep was next to impossible. I spoke with Dr. Gans and asked him if he thought this was a condition that should be treated by a medical physician or if he thought chiropractic care should be sought. I can honestly say I am “pain-free”. If your results are as good as mine, you won’t be sorry!

Thank you Dr. Gans!

Merrill H.

Dear Dr. Gans, Thank you so much for helping and relieving my pain. After my car accident I thought my back and neck would be in pain forever, but I was wrong. I learned that seeing a chiropractor was the right thing to do despite my initial hesitation. Learning that whiplash-type injuries are best treated by a good chiropractor such as yourself was a godsend!

I have 2 friends who sought medical care for similar injuries due to car accidents. Both received pain medication and muscle relaxers that helped them temporarily, and they later went to physical therapy. The physical therapy helped them some but seemed to have limitations. Both of my friends are still having some problems that they feel are related to their car accidents and I’m going to drive them here to see you!

Anne S.

Dear Dr. Gans, When you get to be 89 years old you assume constant, daily pain comes with the territory Thanks to your caring way, experience, and gentle technique, my quality of life has greatly improved.

I really appreciate the patience you have shown in dealing with an old lady such as myself.

Sincerely, E.F.

Dear Dr. Gans,After my son was born 20 years ago I suffered with almost daily back pain. I was unable to enjoy exercise, sitting around with friends, and even laying down in my bed was painful. I wish I would have met you sooner! Since not long after I started care with you I was able to again enjoy most of the things I thought I would never enjoy again. Thank you Dr. G for working with me to again enjoy the things that make life worth living!

Gratefully, Mary Ann G.